Unpacking the Potential of Blockchain and Infrastructure in Africa

Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market and it could possibly make this continent the world’s biggest payment systems based on blockchain tech and unbanked industry. The vast swathes of Africa’s fertile lands may ultimately prove a central arena for the ground-up development of innovative digital infrastructure and green energy projects. Continue Reading

The Race to Lead 3 Class-Action Suits Against Bitfinex Over 2017 BTC Bull Run Is On

Legal counsel for one of several active class-action lawsuits against iFinex for allegedly manipulating BTC’s price has filed to lead the entire class and proceedings. One legal team looks to lead the three ongoing suits against IFinex alleging that illegal conduct involving iFinex’s subsidiaries Tether and Bitfinex was behind Bitcoin’s Continue Reading

Fed Officials Ponder Funding Hedge Funds and Private Brokers Directly

On January 13, the New York Federal Reserve gave $60.7 billion to eligible private financial institutions by leveraging U.S. Treasurys and agency securities. With all the stimulus given to financial institutions since September, it hasn’t relieved the stress of economic uncertainty. Now the Fed is pondering giving money directly to Continue Reading