EOS to Become More ‘Community-Driven’ as Block.One Seeks to Use Dfuse’s Open-Source APIs

Former block producer and blockchain API provider Dfuse open-sources its technology stack. The technology stack behind Dfuse’s advanced blockchain APIs has been made open-source, according to a March 19 announcement. These APIs are primarily used in EOS development. Cointelegraph took the opportunity to interview the CTO of Dfuse, Alexandre Bourget, Continue Reading

WFE Brass Weighs in on Crypto Securities Classification Debate

The WFE’s Head of Regulatory affairs provides further clarity on what makes crypto a commodity versus a security. Are cryptocurrencies securities or commodities? The World Federation of Exchanges, or WFE, released a document talking cryptocurrency terminology and regulation last week. In conversation with Cointelegraph, WFE Head of Regulatory Affairs, Richard Continue Reading

The Mysterious Founder of Cross-Chain Protocol Reveals His Identity

NULS releases ‘blueprint’ for Nerve Network, a cross-chain protocol, whose mysterious mastermind until now was only known as “Berzeck”. The NULS Technical Community (NULS) has released a blueprint for Nerve Network, a cross-chain protocol. Until now, the mysterious mastermind behind the network was known only known as “Berzeck”. Vitalik’s dream Continue Reading

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven? 80% BTC Price Recovery Boosts Investor Appeal

Sentiment analysis and week-to-date returns show investors’ confidence in the ‘Bitcoin is a safe-haven’ narrative as the correlation between both assets suggests future uncertainty. This week, as a $2 trillion economic stimulus package was put forth by U.S. lawmakers, the performance of major market indexes improved and the Dow registered Continue Reading