DeFi will provide good regulatory test for SEC, says Commissioner Peirce

The SEC commissioner described the DeFi space as “a work in process” but overall “alluring.” Hester Peirce, the commissioner for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission known by the nickname “Crypto Mom,” welcomes the challenge of regulating decentralized finance. In a speech for a George Washington University Law School event Continue Reading

US Education Department promotes putting student records on blockchain

A new government-funded challenge seeks blockchain-based solutions to simplify educational data sharing, but implementation could take time. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws across various sectors. As a result, a number of government departments are evaluating blockchain-based systems as possible solutions for challenges involving multiparty workflows, record-keeping, transparency and more.  Continue Reading

Japanese Authorities Say the Majority of People Involved in Coincheck’s 2018 Hack Are Individuals With ‘High Social Status’

More details keep appearing from the police investigation into the 2018 Coincheck hack that stole $530 million from the crypto exchange. Japanese authorities revealed that most of the individuals involved have a “high social status.” One of the Individuals Took Part in a NEM Swap Deal Is Worth $64 Million Continue Reading

Crossing the crypto chasm: Paving the way to mass adoption

As cryptocurrency pushes toward the mainstream, raising general public understanding is essential to gain mass adoption. Since its inception in 2009, cryptocurrency has become both a cultural and financial phenomenon. As news headlines tout its ever-increasing exchange values and disruptive potential, investors and banking experts have gone into a frenzy. Continue Reading