Valuing Bitcoin Based On HODLer Behavior

Introducing the Market-Value-to-Long-term-holder-Value (MVLV) and Market-Value-to-Illiquid-Value (MVIV) Bands on-chain metrics. October 25, 2021 Defining Money After 12 years of adoption, the concept of bitcoin as digital money is now widely known. Ironically, when learning about bitcoin, many individuals are forced to (re)consider what money is. One example of a definition Continue Reading

Wall Street Brokers Growing Interested In Bitcoin And Miners, Analyst Says

Fintech institutional investors are growing more aware and interested in BTC and mining companies, DA Davidson analyst Christopher Brendler reported. Interest from Wall Street in Bitcoin is growing, having tripled since the beginning of the year, DA Davidson’s analyst said. Analyst Christopher Brendler estimates that three times as many Wall Continue Reading

The Bitcoin Constant

It is difficult if not frightening to imagine the decisive strategic advantage the first country to adopt both Bitcoin and embryonic selection will have over the rest. The Bitcoin Constant The Center Cannot Hold: 10 We can agree that the conditions on Earth are sufficient to support intelligent life. We Continue Reading