On Lightning, Messaging Apps Emerge as Growing Use Case

“Does instant messaging over Lightning have killer application potential?” Lightning Labs developer Joost Jager asked his Twitter followers this rhetorical when he debuted a demo for his Lightning Network messaging application, Whatsat. Does instant messaging over Lightning have killer application potential? The world needs censorship-resistant chatting and with Lightning, compensating Continue Reading

Cashaa Announces U.S. Dollar Bank Accounts for Cryptocurrency Firms

Bitcoin banking platform Cashaa will soon offer U.S. dollar bank accounts for cryptocurrency-focused businesses, except those operating in sanctioned countries.  Cashaa offers banking services like International Bank Account Number (IBAN) accounts, international SWIFT transfers for fiat and credit card processing for cryptocurrency-based businesses, which often struggle to receive these services Continue Reading

With Open-Source Caravan Wallet, Unchained Wants to Make Multisig Mainstream

Austin-based Bitcoin financial service provider Unchained Capital just unveiled its newest multisignature wallet tool. Revealed exclusively to Bitcoin Magazine in anticipation of the launch, Caravan is the latest tool in Unchained Capital’s suite of bitcoin investor products. Like the Collaborative Custody that came before it, Caravan is a multisignature bitcoin Continue Reading

Video Review: Cryptotag Zeus

In this video review, Bitcoin Magazine tests the Cryptotag Zeus, a 100-percent titanium, recovery seed storage device.  The Zeus allows users to make a virtually indestructible, seed-phrase backup plaque in less than five minutes. Essentially, they engrave a series of numbers that correspond to a 12- or 24-word seed phrase Continue Reading